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22 for boriello !!

Boriello :
It's a number that's very present in my life (for example, it's the day of my mother's birthday) and it's the one I had at Genoa, in the season when I did really well. Also, I had to change the number 11, since it didn't bring me much luck last year... Is the number 22 a heavy inheritance? I don't think it makes sense to make comparisons, Kaká is unreachable, and we play in two different roles. For me it's just a number that I like, without other significance.

I also expect a lot from ronaldinho and hope he can repeat his great first part of last season. I think that, with Kaká's departure, he may be more free mentally, and I'm sure this year we will find ourselves with a great Ronaldinho who will help us make a jump in quality.

On the new 4-3-3 system : It's the same I played in at Genoa. There I was a central striker, and I think I did it pretty well. I am very comfortable in that position, I hope I can do the same here at Milan.