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Friendly Match / World Football Challenge Result - MILAN 1-CLUB AMERICA 2

In the first match of the World Football Challenge Milan are defeated. Club America win 2-1, with goals by Esqueda, in the 55th minute, and Marquez in the 84th. Milan had equalised through Inzaghi in the 65th minute. The next match of the tournament will be in two days in Baltimore, against Chelsea.

Here is the report of the match played last night at the Georgia Dome during the World Football Challenge.

MILAN: Storari, Antonini (68' Zambrotta), Nesta (45' Onyewu), Favalli, Jankulovski; Gattuso (75' Strasser), Seedorf (55' Abate), Flamini (79' Ikande), Zigoni, Inzaghi, Ronaldinho

CLUB AMERICA: Navarrete; Cerda (90' Garcia), Rojas, Mosquera (82' Inigo), Rodriguez; Reyna, Sanchez, Carlos Silva (92' Kontogiannis), Beausejour (65' Martinez); Esqueda (79' Chitiva), Cabanas (69' Marquez)

GOALSCORERS: Esqueda (A) 55'; Inzaghi (M) 65'; Marquez (A) 84'

REFEREE: Alex Prus