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Champions League: MIian Barca 2 0

Champions League: Barca MIian 2 0

Milan opened the opportunity to qualify for the next  champions league round .
Boateng and Muntari contributed goals for milan.
Boateng scored smelling zapata handball.
While the goal of  Muntari come from the hard work Niang to  open space and beautiful assists from  SES.
Mexes-zapata-constant-abate well protected by the midfielder: Legend Ambrosini, Muntari and Montolivo.
Milan defended well, managed to create opportunities and poor barca Messi isolated ..
In the first round, incredible barca dominate, but the second half, frustrating barca ..
This is calcio,,
Mexes inspire, zapata was calm despite blunders, stable and constant abate indeed .. salute to world class fighters midfield Montolivo, new Pirlo really  .. Muntari, though ugly in the first half, managed to show off in the second round.
Ambrosini managed to lead
Pazzini plays a genuine center forward in the second half  ... and Sharawy be the best today.,
returned the compliment to niang,,,
salute to tack Allegri
Forza milan