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Profile : Massimiliano Allegri , New AC Milan Manager

Massimiliano Allegri
Born: August 11, 1967
Birthplace: Livorno, Italy Previous Clubs: Aglianese; Grosseto; Sassuolo; Cagliari Honours: Italian Serie C1/A league title: 2008

A surprise choice to succeed Leonardo in the AC Milan hotseat, Allegri was given the role after impressing during two seasons at Cagliari.

As a player he was something of a journeyman and played in the lower leagues, including for his hometown club Livorno, before joining Pescara in 1991. Helping the side to win promotion to Serie A, the attacking midfielder moved on to Cagliari and then Perugia and Napoli before returning to Pescara. He retired from football in 2003, and as he ended his player career with Aglianese, so he began his coaching life.

His experience in Serie C2 gave him the springboard to continue his career and he moved up a division with Grosseto. However, he was sacked in 2006 with the side failing to live up to expectations and he found himself another job with Sassuolo.

Indeed, he led them to promotion to Serie B in 2008 and was soon snapped up as coach of top-flight Cagliari. Despite a disappointing start, he managed to lead the side to a top-half finish in 2009 (9th), playing an attacking style of football, and he was named Serie A coach of the year.

Three of his unheralded players received Italy call-ups during his tenure and his success continued the following season when he led the side to 12th. However, Allegri was surprisingly sacked in April for allegedly talking to other clubs about jobs. The rumours proved true as Milan made their move, but as one of the least heralded appointments in the Italian game, he has a lot to prove.

Strengths: Plenty of enthusiasm and hope for the future, he has the ability to make his players play with freedom. Carrying an element of the unknown could work in his favour.

Weaknesses: A lack of big-match experience and the pressure of a huge job could overcome him.

Career high: Getting the AC Milan job in the summer was a real achievement for a manager who had only been on the scene for a few years.

Career low: Sacked by Serie C1 side Grosseto in 2006.

Tactics: He likes his sides to play attacking football and says that his new team with play either a 4-3-1-2 or a 4-3-3. They're both different variations to the same style of football in his eyes and he wants his AC Milan teams to follow the example of those of Sacchi and Capello.

Quotes: ''If I was worried I wouldn't have taken this position. When you're a professional you dream of reaching the top. Do you know how many of my friends and colleagues want this job?'' Massimiliano Allegri when asked if he was worried about his new role.

Trivia: When he joined Cagliari he began his top flight career with five losses in the first five league matches.