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Serie A 6 january 2010- Milan vs Genoa, David Beckham back to San siro

David Beckham has completed his loan move to AC Milan and said he was almost moved to tears when they were drawn against Manchester United FC in the UEFA Champions League first knockout round.

United reunion
Just as last year, the LA Galaxy midfielder has agreed to join Milan for the second half of the Italian season, and has now officially completed his move following a medical. The Rossoneri will take on United on 16 February and 10 March, the second leg at Old Trafford – Beckham's home until his 2003 switch to Real Madrid CF – and England's most-capped outfield player was taken aback when the teams were paired on 18 December.

'Special place'
"I almost started to cry after the draw," the 34-year-old said. "Old Trafford is a special place for me and I haven't played there for almost seven years. I have many friends in Manchester and I have a special relationship with the fans there, it will be a great night for me. However we have to take it extremely seriously and try to win."

New faces
Since Beckham left Milan in the summer, Leonardo has succeeded Carlo Ancelotti as coach and there have been playing changes too. However, Beckham said: "Carlo Ancelotti, Paolo Maldini and Kaká are not here any more but Milan is like United, things don't change so drastically from one year to another. The atmosphere in the locker room is always great, after a difficult start things are going well now and I'm sure I will have a good time here."

Ready to adapt
Milan's fortunes have been on the up since Leonardo switched to a 4-3-3 formation with only one holding midfielder, but Beckham expects to settle in quickly. "The playing system is different compared to last season but I'm sure I can adapt," he said. "I'm just glad to be back and it won't be a problem not to be in the starting XI . Playing here doesn't give me the security of a place in the national team either. I'm here only to win the Scudetto, and I believe we can do it if we work hard."

With all the trophies won by the most winning club in the world behind him, David Beckham talked about his passion for the Rossoneri to the journalists who came for his presentation press conference:

Welcome back David! Did you miss Milan in these months?
"I've missed it a lot! I missed the group, the club, the fans, the environment in general. My first six months here were wonderful, a unique experience which I haven't forgotten."

Since you left a lot has changed. Carlo Ancelotti, Ricky Kaká and Paolo Maldini have gone, what group have you found back?
"It's true that Milan have changed a lot, it's true, but the basis of great clubs like Milan and like Manchester United doesn't change. Milan remain Milan. It's true that an important guide like Paolo Maldini is no longer here, he was a charismatic captain with a lot of personality, the best footballer of the world is missing in Ricky Kaká and also the coach has changed, but the group remains a great group, motivated and full of enthusiasm. At the start of the season the team had some problems, but it has recovered and now it's playing very well. I'm proud to play with these great champions."

You named Manchester. What effect did it have knowing you would meet them in the Champions League?
"It will be a special evening! The day of the draw I cried of emotion, I'll have the chance of returning to Manchester and play against the club I always wanted to play with since childhood. I'll find many friends, all my fans who haven't forgotten me, it will be an evening of strong emotions. It's been seven years since I've been to Manchester and I will do so with Milan's shirt, with the shirt of a club as prestigious as United, all this fills me with pride!"

After these six months what will your future be?
"I don't know, we'll see. I'm very honored to be here again. I come here knowing I will stay at least six months, the first time we weren't so sure for many reasons. I only think about working hard and do well in a special club. Then we will see if Milan will still be in my future."

Have you thought about what position you might play in this new system of Leonardo?
"The system has changed, it's different. This is nevertheless a team full of talent, experience, it will take some time to understand this new system but not that much. In any case I don't pretend to be a first choice player. If I'm a reserve I'll still be proud to be a part of this group. I don't think about my position, I'd be truly happy to play in any role, also as a goalkeeper! I'm a versatile midfielder and this will help me in any position."

Have you talked to Leonardo?
"Yes, I've talked to him. He asked about my physical conditions, of how I reacted to the work of the past few days, we'll have time to talk about the system and my position on the pitch. As I said this is a great team which I think can win the Scudetto. There are dangerous rivals like Inter and Juventus, but if Milan work hard they can aim for the title."

Did you never think about going to a team that would guarantee you a place in the team?
"No, never! Milan were always my first choice, from the first moment we talked about a loan from Galaxy to another team. The possibility of playing at the World Cup is certainly an objective, but I didn't come to this club to go to the World Cup. I chose Milan for many reasons, because I like this club's philosophy and I arrived here without any pretenses. It's great to be here, even just to help the group win, even without being guaranteed a place in the team, this is Milan!"

Do you think you are ready to face Genoa already?
"It would certainly be nice, but as I've said I don't know if I'll be a first choice. I have to work on my athletic condition even though I'm already doing well. I am making myself available. Leonardo will know how and when to use me and I'm fine with that. I've already scored against Genoa and I'd like to repeat myself, I remember that goal with a lot of emotion. My job is to be useful to this team, even if only for five minutes."

What do you hope for the new year?
"My first hope is to win the Scudetto. Then I hope for health and serenity with my whole family, with whom I will celebrate New Year's in London."

Did you hear Fabio Capello's nice words for you?
"They pleased me very much! Even though I know I have no guarantee of a place at the World Cup I thank him. I'll do what I can to work hard, to help Milan win, then we'll see."

Milan against Manchester. Will you be happy regardless of the result?
"We want to go through in the cup! It will be a great emotion to face Manchester, but I'll do it with Milan's shirt, with the desire to win and go through."

Have you never worried about what your team mates might think about the fact you are coming here for just six months?
"I asked myself that only the first time. I met an exceptional group and I immediately understood that at Milan there is no jealousy. Everyone welcomed me well, they did all they could to make me feel at home. At Milan there is a common objective, which is to win, all the players do what they can to help each other, to make this team win!"

The year that has just passed was a positive one only towards the end for Marco Borriello. And now that 2010 arrived, the attacker is asking to feel fine and to be a protagonist. He has clear ideas which, exclusively for Milan Channel, revealed. These are his declarations: “First of all my wishes for a good year to everyone. 2009 started out badly for me and finished with some good performances, together with which arrived my first goals. As a team we have reached important objectives: we have passed the round of the Champions League and we have reached the second place in the league. I would say a good final part of the year from which to restart. “My nicest goal and best performance of 2009? The nicest goal I think it was the second goal at home against Parma: for an attacker to score an scissor kick in front of his own fans at San Siro is a dream. The match which I feel most mine was that against Cagliari, because we took home the win and I obtained a penalty, made an assist and scored a goal. It was a complete game. For the rest, I think that I played too little due to injuries, practically just two months, about 10 games. I hope that in this 2010 I play 5-6 months in a row and prove my worth. We start off from Genoa. From my experience with the Rossoblu I have very beautiful memories in my heart. The Genoa one was the most important season of my career. Surely I will meet a bit of emotion, but now two years have gone by. Now I defend the Rossoneri colours and I hope to bring home a win for my team. “The difference between our trident and the one of Gasperini? From an individual level in attack, without taking anything away from Genoa, we have players on the wings with an incredible talent. Maybe they have the team-play more than us: as a group they are more oiled because they play together and with the same coach for a long time. We are learning to move also from the team level and you will soon see a solid and aggressive side who knows how to defend and attack. “When you play with incredible talents, like Pato and Ronaldinho, you must follow their minds and their talent, you must also put in the intuition. In these games the things with them went very well For me to play with such champions is a great honour and I hope to play for a long time with them. I thank Seedorf and Ronaldinho for the nice words which they used towards and I thank them for highlighting my work. They also spoke about the national team: I dream of playing with the Azzurri’s shirt, but I don’t want to get my hopes too high. I think about giving my best until May. If then I obtain something, it will be all gained. If instead it will not be like this, I will go on holiday and I will side with Italy. “As objectives I want to win something important from the squad level. From the personal level I want to be protagonist in the win. I was part in the past of important wins in the Champions League or in the league, but even though I was in the group, I never felt that those wins were mine. I hope that this year I obtain some success and to be a protagonist.”