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Milanisti Basic Knowledge - Fossa Dei leoni

Milanisti harus tau tentang Fossa Dei Leoni..

The Fossa dei Leoni (FdL) was an Italian association of ultras football supporters of A.C. Milan founded in 1968. It was the first ultras group born into Italy.

The association was born originally as a group when a group of young supporters started to meet on the ramp 18 of popular sectors of San Siro stadium, in Milan, wearing the uniform of A.C. Milan and taking to the stadium flags and confetti. The name was chosen due to the nickname of old AC Milan's stadium.

In 1972 the moved from the ramp 18 to the middle sector of the stadium. In the same year was created the hymn, inspirated to the Italian movie "L'armata Brancaleone". In that period many Italian ultras groups going identifying themselves in different political ideas and the Fossa identified itself on to left wing, taking always at the stadiums a big banner with a picture of Che Guevara. Due to some order problems with Italian police, from 1975 to 1977 it changed its name in "Inferno Rossonero" (Red-Black Hell).

In the years the Fossa became a model for lot of Italian ultras groups and in 1982 it was cited in the italian movie "Eccezzziunale... veramente". In that movie the starring, Diego Abatantuono, played the role of the group's leader, named "Donato, the ras of the Fossa".

The association, after 37 years of activity, was offically dissolved in the date of 17 November 2005 by its members due to some polemics about two robbed banners after the match Milan-Juventus of 29 October 2005. During an internal conflict between Milan's supporters the Fossa dei Leoni was accused to collaborate with DIGOS [1] (unacceptable for ultras ideals) to obtain the restituion of the banners and some members of it was threated and attacked. At the end of that conflict the leaders of the group dediced to close the experience dissolving it [2].

Other reasons of this conflict are to search in the relationships of the group with two other historical ultras groups of A.C. Milan, Brigate Rossonere and Commandos Tigre, due to its political differences and to a struggle for leadership between Milan's supporters [3][4]. After various hypothesis to recreate the group, one month later (31 December 2005), it was founded the group "Guerrieri Ultras Curva Sud Milano" composed by lot of former members of the Fossa dei Leoni.

The hymn of the Fossa, based on to the musical theme of italian movie "L'armata Brancaleone" (1966), has got these words:
"Leoni armati stiam marciando siam la Fossa dei Leon...dei leon.. leon.. leon... leon... leon... siam la Fossa dei Leon! Sangue! Violenza! Fossa dei Leoni !"

Rivalries and friendships of Fossa dei Leoni with other groups are the same of the entire sector of A.C. Milan's supporters.
The principal and the oldest rivalry is againist supporters of Inter, the other football club in the city of Milan. Other main rivalries are againist supporters of Roma (twinned since early 1980's), S.S.C. Napoli (twinned since early 1980's), Juventus, Lazio, Genoa, Verona, Atalanta, Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Cagliari.
Friendship relations of the group are with few supporters groups. The only twinnage is with the ultras of Brescia.